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Are you ready for complete acne freedom?

Together, we will combine expert coaching and education on nutrition, skincare and mindset tools to completely transform your acne and your life

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- Life-changing results -

95% Success Rate 

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Understand your acne, and clear your skin naturally. 

Are you tired of battling acne day in and day out, feeling like it's a never-ending struggle? Imagine a life where clear, radiant skin isn't just a dream, but your reality.

That's exactly what our program offers.

With our comprehensive approach, we don't just address the symptoms; we tackle the root causes of acne head-on. Through personalized coaching and education, we empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform not only your skin but your entire life.

Say goodbye to endless frustration and hello to confidence and clarity. Let us guide you on a journey to beautiful skin and a renewed sense of self.


Are you ready to make the change?

Does this sound familiar?

Are you tired of trying every new product or supplement that claims to give you perfect skin.  And you are still breaking out in acne?

Do you see yourself in the mirror or pictures and only see acne? Spiral into negative self talk and feel its taking over your entire life? Robbed you of your confidence and self love?

Are you fed up with restrictive diets, cutting out everything that tastes good and still having acne?

Do you feel defeated, drained and like you'll always be the person with acne? 


Are you staying up late googling all the ways to clear skin, wasting hours of your time, sucking all the energy out of you?


Are you Becoming obsessed with researching acne on social and completely overwhelmed and confused with the different information and who to trust?

Are you unsure how to get to the root of your acne and clear your skin once and for all?

Are you fed up with the cycles of going on and off harsh antibiotics, accutane, spironolactone, or hormonal birth control and still having acne while negatively impacting your body?

You can trust me, because I've been in your shoes.

I decided to heal myself. I went to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and learned everything I could about the body. The WHY. How to use nutrition and supplements safely. I understood acne had many root causes that needed to be healed internally. I saw how much my negative mindset was impacting my stress and inflammation in a never-ending cycle.


So I focused largely on trauma, emotional support, and mindset tools.I became a medical esthetician to understand exactly how to use acne-safe and effective products based on skin type and acne type.


Once I healed myself, I knew I had to do the same for others. So the Get Glow Method was born: out of a huge gap in acne work and a program I so desperately wanted when I was suffering. I became the practitioner I wish I had and I got firsthand how much went into healing skin. I have since healed over 2000 clients worldwide with my one-of-a-kind programs and have been an acne expert for almost 8 years. 

Trust me, when it comes to acne, I've seen it all and healed it all. You can take a deep breath now, you will no longer be struggling with acne.

My whole salary was going towards finding a solution and it felt like a full-time job. No one understood the drastic mental impact it had on my life and social life. I was depressed. Broke. Broken. I spoke horribly to myself. I was so sick I could hardly get out of bed. I felt so alone in this exhausting journey and every practitioner I saw didn't have acne themselves and just straight up did not get it. They did not understand the toll it took—the desperation, obsession and control over every single thought and aspect of my life. So I decided to take my control back.

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This 1:1 program means havng an acne expert in your back pocket. 

An extremely intimate and special 1:1 program that gives us 6 months of deep holistic healing together. We take a deep dive over an hour-long intake session and go over your entire acne journey and health history. 


From there, I'm able to pinpoint exactly what root causes and triggers are the WHY behind your breakouts and I build you an entirely customized protocol that includes nutrition and supplements as well as step-by-step skincare routines based on your skin and acne type.


We dive into emotional and mindset work to rewire negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and massive stressors like food fear or obsessive mirror checking and picking. 


Over the next 6 months, you are checking in every two weeks with pictures of your progress so I know exactly how YOUR body and skin are responding to the protocols and I can tweak and change as we go to facilitate deeper and deeper healing. You have access to me via voice notes and text 5 days a week for any questions or to just chat if you’re having a bad day.


It’s having an acne expert and emotional support in your back pocket for 6 months.


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What's included: 

This program will change your entire life. Not only will you be clear but you will have relieved every single negative symptom you’ve been experiencing and truly understand your body. This means you’ll forever feel in control by understanding your WHY and how to be in tune with what your body and mind need to remain healthy and balanced. 

  • 1 hour initial intake via Zoom (worldwide availability) where we take a deep dive into your health history and acne journey. I ask questions about everything from what you’ve tried to heal your skin to how your digestion is, periods and PMs, stress, sleep, your typical diet, and your skincare, hair care and makeup products

  • A completely customized supplement and skincare routine based on YOUR root causes and triggers, acne, and skin types.

  • 5 x 1-hour monthly coaching calls via Zoom where we connect face-to-face and work through whatever YOU need deep support with that month. This also holds you accountable, keeps you on track, and allows us to closely monitor how YOUR body and skin respond to the protocols and what we need to tweak or change to guarantee results.

  • 2-week check-ins via email with pictures and updates to ensure success on the protocols as we move through each phase of healing your body and your skin.

  • Unlimited voice notes and text messages Monday-Friday for 6 months so you have constant support and connection

  • Mindset and emotional support work to rewire negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and massive stressors like food fear or obsessive mirror checking and picking

*Functional testing is an option if Meg thinks it is necessary but it is never her first step. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and only if she deems it necessary as testing can be quite costly. 

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More than just acne. 

Due to the fully holistic approach, the Get Glow Method clients can find relief from a myriad of other health issues and imbalances. Including:

  • Digestive issues (infections, candida, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas, dysbiosis)

  • Liver stagnation 

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Blood sugar imbalances

  • Pcos 

  • Hormonal imbalances 

  • Sleep issues 

  • Stress and adrenal dysfunction 

  • Pms and missing and irregular periods 

  • Food fear 

  • Fertility 

  • Negative mindset and limiting beliefs 

  • Self confidence and self esteem 

It's time for you to imagine a new reality. 

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day and not immediately touch your face, run to the mirror, and think about acne. 

How much time and energy you would have to put towards joyful and energetically aligned things if you weren’t so consumed with trying to clear your skin?

How much stress would lift if this burden wasn’t on you to fix anymore? If instead, you got to tell your entire story to someone who not only listens and validates every single part of it but who truly gets it. 

Who isn’t just giving you some BS cookie cutter approach but is listening to your story, putting together the pieces of your symptoms and simply giving you the tools to deeply heal it all?

Imagine only having to follow a customized protocol and stop all the outside noise and advice because you KNOW this is all tailored to: Your unique body. Your unique skin. Your unique mindset. 


​To have someone to message any time you’re having a bad skin day. Who will work with you side by side to give you: Your life back. Your confidence back. Your self esteem back. 

To guide you to become your best and most balanced self. To empower you so acne becomes so far from your mind that even if you do get a breakout, it doesn’t even become a blip in your day. 

Well, take a deep breath because you my love are finally free. Finally, in control of your body, your skin and your mind. 


That is the magic of the get glow method.

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In Her Words

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I HIGHLY recommend working with Meg. If you have acne now, are on birth control currently, planning to come off it or just came off it. I wish I found her sooner! Meg takes the guess work out of everything. You get a customized approach to healing your acne at the root level. A permanent solution, not a quick fix. You gain knowledge and understanding of your body as a whole. Not only did she help clear my skin, she helped me get my period back and got my digestion back on track. She also helped me embrace self love at a time when that didn’t seem possible.

I saw a lot of practitioners before finding her and they all wasted my time and my money with no results. Meg is the real deal and you will actually save money by investing in her and her program. Stop questioning it and just sign up. I promise she will help you!"

Katie, Get Glow Client 

  • Will this work for everyone?
    Over my 5 years as an acne expert and guiding over 2000 people through healing transformations, there have been some people the method hasn’t worked for. The method is NOT for you if: -You are not willing to commit to the daily mindset practice and stress management piece. -If you do not have an open heart and willing attitude, a belief in me, the process and YOUR ability to heal, the method is not a good fit for your journey -You are not able to be patient with the process. Natural healing of this type takes TIME. It ebbs and flows and is never linear. You have to forget about time lines and comparison to others and accept this is YOUR journey and will teach you everything you need to know to reach total and complete healing both physically and mentally. However, that can mean for more complex cases, further support, further testing and longer time frames to reach your goals. If you are expecting an overnight miracle fix and are not fully committed to the process as it unfolds for your needs, this program isn’t right for you. This program gives you ALL the tools for success but, you have to utilize them all, as directed. If you are not 100% committed to the program, youre not allowing me to do my job as an acne expert and wont get the results you want.
  • What is a timeline I can expect for results?
    I hate putting timelines on healing. It creates a ton of pressure and stress which counteracts the entire process. We treat everyone as an individual in the get glow method which is why we see the success rates we do. Just like what worked for your best friend or some influencer to heal their skin doesn’t for you, the same goes for timelines. How fast you heal depends on a number of things: genetics; how quickly your specific system and skin respond to nutritional, supplemental, and skincare changes; how many root causes you have to heal; differing lifestyle factors like how your sleep is. How your stress is? How your diet is? How your mindset is? Very generally speaking most skincare and supplements take around 3-4 months to start kicking in. So we want to see some positive shifts by that time. I have seen clients clear dramatically in 2 weeks and some take more like 5-6 months. If you are only dealing with say, gut issues and pore-clogging skincare you may see results quicker than someone who has to safely transition off birth control, balance their natural hormones, manage cortisol and blood sugar, AND work on food fear for example.
  • How do I determine if this program is right for me?
    You are ready to commit to total and complete healing. This isn’t just getting clear skin, this program is about digging deep into every symptom you are feeling both physically and mentally and giving you the tools to truly heal. Not slapping some bandaid solution that works temporarily. Not neglecting how crucial mindset, rewiring the brain from negative to positive thought patterns, self-love, confidence, food freedom AND acne freedom is. This program is for the person who is sick of the google rabbit hole of misinformation. Who is tired of being on and off the cycles of prescription medications and creams from the derm. Has spent outrageous money on lasers and peels and facials and products and supplements that NEVER work. Who is really, truly ready to take control of their health, their mental health and their acne. Who is ready to do the work to achieve real, sustainable balance physically and mentally. Who's done programs before that have caused anxiety, stress, and food fear because they were do damn restrictive. Who wants not only clear skin but happy, balanced hormones, amazing and healthy digestion, low levels of stress, deep sleep, a balanced approach to food, a positive mindset AND glowing, clear skin, forever. This is not a quick fix. This is not a cookie cutter approach. This is not a magic pill or cream. So, if you are looking for that, this is not the program for you. If you are ready to take control of your life and acne, you have found exactly where you need to be to do that. And we cant wait to have you join the 2000 + clients who have done exactly that.
  • What is the timeline for healing?
    I hate putting timelines on healing because everyone is different and will experience different root causes and triggers they need to work through. That being said, in the Get Glow Method, most people start to see positive shifts around the 3-4 month mark as that is how long tailored supplements, skincare and stress management take to work their magic. The key here is that you are, for the first time in your acne journey finally healing the root cause or the WHY behind your breakouts and symptoms and your body takes time to come back into TRUE balance. This is NOT an overnight fix which is precisely why it's not a bandaid solution like Accutane, Spiro, Hormonal birth control, etc. Bandaid approaches SUPPRESS symptoms, the Get Glow Method FIXES them.
  • I've worked with a Dr and haven't gotten results, why should I trust this program?
    The issue with dermatologists is they really don’t have much to offer for acne. If you have been to one, you know the drill. Its antibiotics, hormonal birth control, Accutane, spiro, and prescription topicals. These are what we call “band-aid” solutions. They aren’t acutally FIXING anything. They are *sometimes* temporary solutions that work while you are on them. They also have damaging side effects to the liver, gut and hormone systems, all of which are crucial for keeping skin clear and healthy. So, when you get off these meds and they leave your system, your original root causes or imbalances aren’t healed so show up again and produce more acne, often times worse. The derms' solution is to go back on the med at a bigger dose, thus continuing the perpetual cycle of coming on and off these meds and continuing to damage your body with negative side effects all the while. This is exactly why most people don’t see results going this route. In the get glow method, we figure out your root cause(s) of WHY you are breaking out in the first place and heal them naturally with supplements. This, alongside customized skincare and stress management and mindset work means truly healing and long-term solutions without the use of harsh bandaid meds.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, absolutely. Just reach out and we will figure out the right one for you!
  • Do you work with clients worldwide?
    Of course! Everything is via Zoom and will be customized to your country in terms of product and supplement recommendations.
  • What makes the Get Glow Method different?
    First, I have been in your shoes. I don't think you should go to anyone for acne healing who hasn't had acne themselves. Connection, understanding, empathy, and validation are crucial pieces of TRUST and belief that if I go myself there, I can get you there too. Second, I am not only an acne expert but also a holistic nutritionist and medical aesthetician. Which means you get 3 in 1. ALL bases are covered internally and externally. I have a huge focus on mindset, trauma, and emotional support work. If you don't rewire the negative thought patterns and belief systems, you're stuck in chronic fight or flight, constant inflammation, and unable to heal. You can't eat or supplement your way out of a fragile nervous system and believe you will never get clear. I have the results to back up my method. It works because you can SEE it via the hundreds of before and afters and testimonials of clients just like you!

Still not sure if this is right for you?

I get it. I've been there! Shoot me a DM on Instagram (@getglowmethod) and we can talk everything through together - you're not alone in this anymore!

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