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Let's clear your skin, naturally.


Meg Gaic founder of Get Glow Method sitting on the couch and smiling
The Get Glow Method is a comprehensive acne coaching program designed to help you achieve true acne freedom and help you clear your skin (for good).
If anyone is on the fence about working Meg I would tell them that she is 100% the reason why I now have clear, glowing skin, regular periods, and a healthy body and mind. Working with her is an investment but it is truly some of the best money I’ve ever spent.
- Ashley

about meg

My name is Meg Gaic

acne expert | holistic nutrionist | medical aesthetician


The most important thing to know about me, is that I've been where you are. I have battled acne for almost two decades, and personally felt all the heartache, financial burden, and emotional and physical stress that comes along with struggling with your skin. 


Born out this frustration was the Get Glow Method - a series of programs developed to ensure that no one has to go through what I went through.


Because, I assure you there is a better way. 


picture of blonde women smiling at the camera


 It can be so overwhelming with all the (mis)information floating around the internet so I have created a few quick guides to help you get started. 

this is emilie.

"I am so amazed at the progress and how attainable this is compared to anything else I've tried." 

She had been dealing with acne for over seven years, trying everything from Accutane, gluten, dairy, and sugar free diets, antibiotics and many different fad products.

Through the Get Glow Method, she was able to develop a custom and realistic skincare routine. She started using products properly designed for her unique skin type, stopped using products with harsh ingredients and allergens, and most importantly gained back her confidence.

Before and after photo of someone who used to struggle with acne

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