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I followed Meg for about a year before I took the plunge. I had a long history of hormonal acne, which was only exacerbated by my chase for the next new product. At the time I came to Meg, I had not only spent hundreds of dollars on products and treatments, but I also had severe food anxiety. I was terrified of dairy and sugar and any time I indulged, I stressed so much about what it would do to my skin that I couldn't sleep some nights. From the first meeting, Meg made me feel so heard, which in and of itself was so healing. She's the most empathetic person I've ever met. She helped relieve me of my food fears so that I may enjoy life and not just restrict myself through it. 


 I felt so empowered that Meg believed in a customized approach for me and went above and beyond to find it for me. In just a few weeks, Meg hit the nail on the head and while my skin progressed slowly, I could feel a more immediate benefit to my health, including pain-free periods. My skin followed suit, consistently making improvements over the next ten months. I had full faith in the process, which was easy to do with Meg's constant check-ins and empathy. Every time she reached out, I was surprised, thinking that the price didn't include the follow-up texts and emails! As I continued on the program, the value of the program continued to outweigh the initial cost. Meg was a loyal friend the entire time. 


Today, my skin is so clear! Not only am I spared from the painful cysts that ached even as I laid my head to rest on a pillow every night, but my texture has continued to improve. While some treatments (like Accutane or birth control) had worked for me temporarily, I know that this regimen will keep my skin clear long term, while also improving my health instead of hurting it. One of the biggest gifts that Meg has given me is the ability to live in the moment. First, she has restored my confidence in food. Today, I can indulge in my favorite things (cheese!) without guilt, panic, or anxiety. Second, Meg's regimen is so reliable that I am not tempted to waste time, money, or thoughts on chasing the newest product. Finally, I no longer dread facing the mirror in the morning. Her program is sustainable and a gift that I will continue to cherish as I remain loyal to Meg's words, resources, and recommendations with ease and joy for years to come. If you are armed to trust the process, I can assure you that Meg is the final destination to clear skin.


I started working with Meg around April coming to her with digestion issues, sleeping issues, and pesky cystic pimples that just seemed to never go away. My entire body just felt off and I couldn’t figure out why or how to fix it. I recognized how much stress effected my acne/overall body, so I really tried to focus on the mental health aspect of Meg’s holistic approach. Once I began writing in my journal and working on the exercises, I realized that my psyche was more afflicted than I knew. This realization guided me into getting the professional help that I desperately needed. Without Meg, I don’t think I would have made it into recovery and a chance to get better. With the help of Meg, my skin is clear and feels amazing which takes such a load of stress off my plate – giving me the chance to solely place my energy and efforts into healing. If you’re on the fence about working with Meg, do it. And never underestimate the power of mental health! 


I found Meg of @getglow.t.o when she spoke on an Instagram Live Q&A with Kali of @myfacestory. At the time, I was at my lowest, breaking point with acne. I was on a journey healing my hormone and gut health, but wasn’t having luck in seeing genuine health reflected in my skin. I’d spent thousands of dollars on facials, harsh skincare, a full face of makeup, other practitioners, books, and supplements that were breaking me from the inside out. When I looked in the mirror, I saw an alien, going on 10 years living with spots and bumps. I felt like the only person in the world having to live like this. 


Listening to Meg explain the value of working with an acne specialist hit me like Cupid’s arrow. I was beyond desperate and craving the accountability of a practitioner like Meg who not only knew how to heal acne holistically but specialized in doing so. What sold me were her testimonials (which I get emotional believing includes ME today). Meg’s clients weren’t picture perfect airbrushed models with glowing skin - they were real and their glow looked possible. Their results looked within reach of mine. Their skin looked healthy, on the path to healing, and if they trusted her, I would too. 


Working with Meg was seamless. First, she asked me my story. What worked, what didn’t, where I was at, what I’d tried so far. Releasing the details of my journey into the hands of someone who understood all my desperate measures felt like a virtual hug coming home. From there, Meg sent me a personalized holistic acne protocol: a step-by-step blueprint to the food, supplements, skincare, makeup, do’s and don’ts to heal my skin one day at a time. We worked on the inflammation and active pimples first; I saw results in less than two weeks. Then we worked on hyperpigmentation and discoloration; one month later, gone. The deeper scars took longer, but I can say with confidence that within 6 months of following Meg’s recommendations and weaning off the supplements I no longer needed, my skin has not only healed - it’s better than before. 


I trust Meg’s guidance and credible experience and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a personalized, holistic acne healing protocol. I’ve since forgotten to check in with her because my skin has been doing so well; she had to reach back out to see if there was anything else we needed to do to keep healing higher and higher! 


Acne held me back from life for 9.5 years. With Meg’s guidance and clear skin in my back pocket, I no longer fear my truest, makeup-free self. I love her. I love who she is and what she looks like. With or without acne, Meg taught me that. I owe her everything.


As a 24-year-old who has dealt with acne for ten years of my life, I thought there would be absolutely no cure for my case of painful, cystic acne. I was beyond the point of understanding the cause of my acne and it felt like common triggers (food sensitivity, hormones, stress, skincare, makeup, etc.) were so muddled together, it would be impossible to pinpoint what was wrong. I was on the birth control pill, on and off, since the age of 15, and couldn’t understand why I had acne, whether I was consistently on the pill or off. I tried multiple years of restrictive eating including going gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, fat free, and oil free, just to see if my skin would improve—only to develop a fear of food and a body that felt weak. I had taken prescriptions and completed a full trial of Accutane, only for my skin to erupt into the worst cystic acne of my life 6 months later. I’ve cancelled dates, dentist appointments, family functions, and events just because I didn’t want to show my skin. 


The one thing that did seem to bring some hope to me, was looking to fellow acne sufferers on Instagram and seeing that I wasn’t alone—that’s where I found Meg. After viewing her page, I was blown away by the results of her clients, and I felt a sense of realness from her and her own journey to clear skin. I knew I wasn’t just dealing with another stone faced dermatologist or unapproachable naturopath. After reaching out, Meg promptly penciled me in for our hour-long video call. With wide eyes and open ears, she extended the most understanding form of engagement I had ever received from any health or well-being expert. I left the meeting feeling powerful, reinvented, and ready to finally heal. 


After receiving my fine-tuned, health-informed, personal, acne protocol, I can proudly say that several months later I have completely clear skin. I’m off the pill, I feel a sense of true connection to my body, and I now know that the real me does not include acne! Not only did Meg help me balance my hormones, she helped eliminate the unhealthy voice that existed in my head for those 10 years—the one that told me I would always look this way and the one that told me I can never enjoy food. Thanks to Meg and the Get Glow Complete Program, I am the best version of me.


"After 10+ years of struggling with acne, I was indifferent to anyone that thought they could help me. The opinions of dermatologists, family, friends, and even complete strangers about my acne had jaded me- I was convinced that if I were ever to heal my skin, it would be a solo endeavour. That being said, when I stumbled upon Meg after hearing her speak on a podcast, something in my gut told me immediately that I should contact her. But still, despite all the beautiful transformation pictures I had seen from Meg's previous clients, I was still skeptical that she would be able to understand my skin and that I would ever be able to have a transformation of my own. After finally finding enough courage, I contacted Meg and from the get go, she listened to me and responded to me with compassion- my skepticism began to melt away. 


Through working with Meg and her program I have seen amazing results in my skin: I used to get up to 2+ active pimples every week. Now I haven't had an active pimple in weeks, almost months. My face has cleared up almost completely and it is at a point that I would've never imagined for myself. I have also recognized improvements WITHIN myself: I no longer stress about food causing me to break out. I have been able to let go- the energy and time I used to put into worrying about my skin, staring at it in the mirror, and fussing over every bump, I now spend in more productive outlets of my life. On top of it all, I have made great strides in my relationship with myself. While I still have a way to go, I have been able to grant myself more grace and my inner voice has become nicer, softer and more understanding. I believe that in Meg showing kindness and compassion to me, I have been able to show more kindness to myself. 


I recommend working with Meg to any woman no matter how much improvement she would like her skin to make. I believe  Meg's abundant experience in this field qualifies her to be the agent of change so many women are seeking out- Meg will give you the tools and help you along the way so you will feel and see a transformation in your skin and ultimately your life. My experience tells me that no matter the circumstances, I trust that Meg will be able to find a way to work with almost any client and tailor her protocol and program to fit the needs of any person's life."


"I came to Meg 10+ years on the pill (that I went on for acne) and terrified to get off in case my skin went crazy - but I knew it was time for me to get off the hormones. Meg was so kind and had so much knowledge to share. She understood my fears, as she herself had been there before. She created a bespoke program of supplements and food recommendations for me, along with a skincare regime and a bunch of other tips. I had to make some big changes and put in the work, but here I am six months later, off the pill and no skin troubles to speak of. I’m beyond happy with the results and where I’m at now, and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance from Meg."  


"I feel like the luckiest girl ever to have worked with Meg, and I truly cannot recommend her program enough!

Before meeting Meg, I thought I had tried absolutely everything I could to heal my skin. I was struggling with clogged pores all over my face, recurring breakouts, and hyperpigmentation. I was that girl who would pick at her face in a close-up mirror for hours only to make things way worse and end up in tears. I was totally obsessive about the appearance of my skin.

I contacted Meg and we set up an initial consultation. Together we discussed everything about my health: from diet and lifestyle, to stress and hormones. Just after our first chat, I knew there was something really special about Meg and her program. She worked with me to determine the root cause of my acne and develop a customized protocol, specially tailored to my own imbalances. 

Meg's protocol really worked for me. Yes, my skin improved drastically (I haven't worn makeup for the past 3 months!) but so did my mindset. I can't stress enough how necessary it is to work with someone who has dealt with their own acne and understands both the frustrations and the healing journey. Meg is completely transparent about her acne struggle. She was able to talk candidly with me about her own experience and provide tons of amazing support. I literally always knew she was there for me (and still is) if I had concerns.

Most importantly, Meg always listened to me before before making a suggestion about a supplement or skincare product. She has a background in holistic nutrition and a ton of knowledge to back up every recommendation. Meg intuitively knew that, as someone with a with a history of overexercising and amenorrhea, it would be problematic to cut out multiple food groups from my diet. She never suggested that I restrict my food intake in any extreme way, and I think her giving me permission to eat more freely was a huge piece of my healing journey!

Honestly, working with Meg was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She is intelligent, knowledgable, and incredibly supportive. I completely trust Meg with my skin and I am so grateful for her guidance."


"I cannot recommend Meg highly enough. She helped to transform not only my acne but also my mental health and perspective on life which had taken on darkness that clouded my every waking moment.

I had acne in my teens, but it was only once I started college and had the Mirena IUD that my acne became chronic and worsening at the age of 21. I don't know why my acne got progressively worse I can only guess at it being the chronic stress I put myself through at college and the hormones at play. 

Finally when I was 23 I had the IUD removed and decided to stop wearing makeup but my acne was not getting any better. I was always thinking about it and checking myself in the mirror compulsively. I had never been so depressed in my life and I could see no way out. 

Then I found Meg's account on Instagram and reached out to her. From the moment I got in touch with Meg, she was there to support me through my own individual program to help with my acne and my mental health which are intrinsically linked to each other. 

It is now a year from when I started to be consumed by acne, and I can truly say that I am in a much better mental space than I was before Meg's help. She is always there for me, so I do not feel alone even when I have a bad day; I am coming to terms with the fact that I won't always feel happy with how my skin is, but it is a journey and I am healing. 

Thank you Meg from the bottom of my heart you have helped me to see the light and happiness in life again."


"I reached out to Meg after having a challenging time with my skin post BCP.  I was breaking out everywhere on my face and needed a lot of guidance and support from a holistic nutritionist but who also specialized in acne treatment. I needed someone who truly understood what I was feeling and dealing with. I found Meg through Instagram one night when my acne was at its worst!  I knew of post pill acne but didn’t think I would get it. My skin was the worst it had been in my whole life. Meg was so supportive and knowledgeable. I trusted her throughout the entire 4 months of working with her. She gave clear plans and outlines to follow which were were all so realistic and achievable with my busy lifestyle. It was also super affordable! Each month my skin continued to get better. Meg would adjust my supplements, diet, skin care routine as she assessed my skin each appointment. Meg was so understanding throughout the entire process! She was so positive and encouraging. I can’t thank her enough for bringing my skin back to life! Thank you thank you thank xo."


"I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the last few months! I literally cannot remember the last time I had even one big spot, and it's 100% down to you! You've been so supportive since we starting working together in January, I feel amazing, and the protocol has been so easy to follow - literally my skin has never felt better, even when I was on the pill! It feels incredible to wake up and not even have to worry about looking in the mirror, or walk looking down at the ground because my self-esteem is at an all time low. And I've received so many compliments about my 'glowing' complexion!! Working with you has been amazing for my skin, but it's also taught me so much more about my body, how I react to food, learning my cycle etc. 

Thank you!!"


I came to Megan after being frustrated with the lack of holistic treatment from medical professionals regarding acne. After being prescribed harsh topical treatments that acted as a band-aid solutions for my cystic acne I started working with Megan to get to the route causes of the issue. Megan starts from the inside out and asks questions about lifestyle and general mental health. One of the most comforting things about working with Megan is her balanced approach, she knows what is and isn't realistic for her patients to handle. Instead of suggesting drastic changes to diet or lifestyle she encourages healthy balance and makes solving the issue feel doable and manageable. Megan guided me through the world of supplements, skin care and makeup helping me to streamline my routine to something manageable and healthy. With her help I successfully transitioned off of the birth control pill with minimal noticeable side effects and my skin reached a level of consistent clarity I had been hoping for.


I have struggled with acne since I was 16. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on every skin care product, supplement, and diet/lifestyle change that people swore would get rid of acne, and I was still left with a face full of painful cysts. I was at my breaking point when I found Meg’s Instagram page and I actually already had an appointment set up to get on Accutane when I decided to reach out to her. After our first appointment, I immediately canceled my appointment to get on Accutane and I put my trust in her completely. It was the best decision I have ever made. Meg is the kindest, sweetest human and has completely changed and healed not only my skin, but other areas of my health as well, including mental. What sets Meg apart, besides her vast knowledge about holistic healing, is her empathy and her ability to relate to her clients. She is so eager to help. I cannot say enough kind words about her and how thankful I am that I stumbled upon her Instagram that day. I have such a newfound confidence and sometimes I look in the mirror and I cannot even believe that my skin is actually MY skin. I always dreamed of the day my skin would be clear and it finally is, all thanks to Meg. She is nothing short of a miracle worker and I cannot thank her enough!


"I found Meg on Instagram after 3 years of trying everything, completely frustrated by constantly reading reviews that claimed “I had tried everything but NOTHING worked until I found blah blah blah”. But really, working with Meg was the big turning point in my whole journey with cystic acne. After going off birth control in 2016, it felt like my whole life became dictated by my acne. I didn’t want to go out, be social, be creative, be seen. I would be googling remedies from the minute I woke up until I went to bed. I would obsess over my breakouts in mirrors, hate catching my reflection in windows, and stare at people on the subway wondering why no one had as bad skin as I had. I tried facials, every topical on the market, acupuncture, oils, clay masks, Gua sha tools, Chinese herbs, exercising, chugging water, the all natural skin care route, meeting with doctors, PCOS specialists, cycle synching, Curology, celery juice, met with multiple nutritionists, cut out dairy, meat, gluten, sugar, caffeine etc etc and everything only got worse. It was so frustrating that all of these doctors couldn’t tell me what I could do to heal my acne besides “going back on the pill”. I was trying different supplements that were supposed to be a cure-all and my skin was more inflamed than ever. I had spent thousands of dollars on trial and error, desperate to try whatever people claimed was a holy grail fix and still, no improvement. 


I first contacted Meg because she was posting about helping women with acne after going off the pill - something all the doctors I saw in the past three years said didn’t happen... Meg has been through it herself and is the most personable, supportive, encouraging person I’ve met on this whole wild journey. When we spoke, it felt like I was talking to my most knowledgeable friend. She gets what it feels like and always tells it like it is. After one phone session, she recommended various supplements. She explained why the supplements I was using weren’t working and how I needed more support in some areas before trying to target others.  She also recommended some simple skin care that I’ve been religiously sticking to since. Meg made everything feel manageable and like I finally had someone on my team who wasn’t trying to overcharge me or push certain brands or make me feel crazy for linking all these symptoms back to going off the pill.


She also helped me to be less restrictive with my diet. Before we met, I had been so panicked about food - thinking every grain of gluten or sugar or drop of dairy, alcohol, or caffeine would make me break out. I’ve developed a much healthier relationship to food and no longer feel like my whole day is defined by the “success” or “failure” of sticking to a completely restrictive diet. 


After 3 years, my acne is finally under control. I leave the house these days just wearing a tinted sunscreen, after having spent years spending so much time doing make up in the morning just to feel okay leaving the house. I feel like I have my life back in a very profound way. Working with Meg has also given me tools to deal with the break outs if and when they inevitably pop up. Healing isn’t linear. So much of our growth is how we react to set backs.


I’m so grateful for Meg’s knowledge, grounded and friendly disposition, constant encouragement, and genuine empathy! Thank you!!!!!"


"I have to start off by saying, THANK YOU. Thank you to Meg who has completely restored my faith in getting real help for curing my acne. Before I met meg I was pretty much convinced that I was going to have to deal with the state of being uncomfortable and deal with self esteem issues forever (with no one around me who really understood the struggle). But, this has all changed and very quickly. I have been working with Meg for just over two months and my results are the best they have been in YEARS.

I was really appreciative of the time and effort Meg has put in through the whole process from Day 1. The consultation was such a welcoming and comfortable experience that I instantly felt more at ease when I left. After my first appointment with Meg, I was confident that I was in good hands (a feeling I’ve never had leaving a consultation before) and I was truly hopeful (for the first time in years) that my skin was going to get better. Meg right away explained to me her approach and how she was going to treat me individually, because ALL of her clients and situations are different. This was so nice to hear and very reassuring that I wasn’t going to be sent down another road alone, wondering what was going to happen next.

Every step of the way Meg has been there to help me and guide me in the right direction. I’ve even move countries and Meg has been able to treat me via Skype and has always made sure my protocol wasn’t too demanding or expensive (huge bonus).

My skin has been almost completely cleared up for over a week (I can’t remember the last time it’s looked this clear) and I feel like a new woman. It has made such a difference knowing that I have the support and expertise of someone who really cares and wants to help heal acne. Meg, I can’t thank you enough for your continued support and compassion. Thank you for making me feel like myself again and changing my life for the better.”


“When I started this journey working with Meg it was to get my skin clear but what I have gained over the last 3 months has been so much more. I could tell from the very first meeting that this time things were different, because Meg understood what I was going through and her approach was different.  She saw the whole picture, she saw me not just the acne.  Following her supplement recommendations  and skin care suggestions helped to clear my skin.  So much so, that even when I did get a minor breakout I didn’t even notice it until my daughter asked me what the “red spot” on my face was. For the first time I saw me not my skin. I didn’t have the need to cover it up and be obsessed with it.  I wasn’t even phased by it and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized how much my skin and its condition had consumed me for most of my adult life.  I was free for the first time. This means so much more to me than words can say. I only wish I had started working with Meg sooner.”


“When I randomly broke out with acne in my 20’s, I was completely at a loss for what to do. I went to over 10 dermatologists and specialists who kept prescribing me creams and “miracle” products. None of them ever mentioned that skin health starts from within…until Meg. The first second I met her, I know she was more than a acne specialist and nutritionist. She was a friend. She understood what I had been through first-hand which made her so easy to talk to (and cry to on MANY occasions). Her passion and knowledge are literally boundless. It took a bit of trial and error but, she was always reassuring and regardless of the outcome, I trusted her. Now, even after my skin has cleared, we remain good friends because she is such a caring soul. She always checks in, is available for a laugh, cry or hormonal break out fix anytime you need her.”


“I was dealing with cystic, hormonal acne for years and had tried everything. I found Meg through her instagram and could not believe her story. We instantly connected and it was the first time I ever had felt heard or listened to. She put me on a plan and started to slowly heal my imbalances. It took time and hard work but, not only did my acne start to clear, I started to feel SO much better. When I had setbacks, she was there to support me. Clearing acne naturally is a long road but here is no one better than Meg to help you get through it. She is so passionate about acne and loves her clients so much, I have never met a practitioner that I can message if I am having a bad acne day who always responds and supports me.”


"I knew Meg would do wonders for me the minute I came across her on Instagram. When I first messaged Meg, she welcomed me with a warm heart and from that moment I knew I found the person who could help me not only clear my acne but overcome the heartache and emotional trauma that comes from acne. She is different from every other healthcare professional as she actually cares about YOU and is not just trying to sell you a medication. Meg is definitely one of a kind! "


“Since I was young I have struggled with my skin, and when I was 5 I was diagnosed with eczema. Over the years I had tried everything; creams, ointments, doctors, specialists and nothing had worked, until I started seeing Meg Gaic in November of 2017. She put me on a diet that bent to my lifestyle and prescribed various vitamins, probiotics and digestives. I am thrilled to say that because of Meg’s intervening, my skin is completely clear and rash free. I would recommend anyone and everyone to see Meg. I have seen firsthand how much she cares about and supports her clients over the course of their treatment, and without her I would not have found a resolve to my skin. Thank you Meg for everything, you are amazing at what you do!”


“Before starting this cleanse with Meg I would have said I had normal digestion, just a few bad eating habits. By the end of the first week I noticed a significant increase in energy level throughout the day, and a huge improvement in my sleep. By the end of the third week, my skin was glowing and I felt like a different person. The program didn’t even have me eating anything I didn’t enjoy. It was really just a matter of planning and prepping to have healthy choices available together with Meg’s recommended supplements to kickstart things.  Even so, when I started to fall into bad habits, Meg was super supportive to help get me back on track. I will definitely continue to practice this program until it becomes habit! Truly an eye opening experience for me.”


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