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Meg Gaic, Founder of the Get Glow Method looking into a mirror

the masterclass

If you're ready to dive in and take control of your acne journey, then you're in the right place. This course will give you everything you need to create a holistic healing plan that will guarantee long term results. 

White Lotion

Take control of your skin once and for all.

This self-paced online course is your one-stop shop for everything to help you achieve true acne freedom. Not only does it provide you with tools, worksheets, detailed recommendations but it also connects you with other people taking the course to share your stories and ask questions. 

With this course you will receive: 

  • comprehensive videos outlining all the root causes of acne

  • explanations on how to transition off of the hormonal birth control pill, IUD, and spironolactane safely 

  • overviews of best practices for liver health, digestion, gut health, diet, lifestyle, mindset, stress management, etc. 

  • Supplement protocols on all the different hormonal causes of acne, liver health, digestive health, stress and more

  • ​Specific skincare routines and product recommendations for normal, oily and dry skin

  • ​Private facebook group to connect with other members and ask questions

  • Stress management techniques and videos to calm the mind and master your negative mindset

  • ​Lifetime access to all the content provided

  • ..and more!

why trust the get glow method

Simply put, because it works. These programs have been designed specifically to target acne at the source and leave clients with healthier skin.

Acne Expertise

In-depth knowledge about various types of acne, their causes, triggers, and effective treatment options

Holistic Approach

Programs that take into consideration the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and environment and their impact on skin.

Long-Term Results

By targeting your acne at the source, you will create sustainable habits that will leave your skin glowing, for life.

Results that
speak for themselves. 

before and after photos of a women with acne
before and after photos of a women with acne
before and after photos of a women with acne
A photo of women before and after she cleared her skin of acne using the Get Glow Method
A photo of women before and after she cleared her skin of acne using the Get Glow Method
A photo of women before and after she cleared her skin of acne using the Get Glow Method
Take this client, the photo on the left is after dealing with acne for 7+ years. Trying everything from Accutane, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diets, antibiotics and many different fad products...
The photo on the right is after she tried The Get Glow Method. Now she is on a simple and effective skincare routine, never wasting money at Sephora again. She no longer has to follow a strict diet, able to eat whatever she wants. And she knows exactly what to do to keep her skin clear for life.
This client had been on and off hormonal birth control for over a decade. Each time she attempted to come off cold turkey, her acne would explode and she was given no other option by her dermatologist other than to get back on. She hated how she felt on the pill and desperately wanted to come off. 
We prepped her body for 3 months to facilitate a safe transition off with zero acne flares. We balanced her hormones naturally and got her having a healthy cycle. Alongside this transition we healed all her symptoms of brain fog, severe fatigue, sluggish digestion, anxiety and inability to lose weight. Now she is clear, balanced and not relying on a harsh medication. 

Are you ready?

You don't have to suffer anymore. With this masterclass you will: 

  • Get to the root cause of your acne and completely understand the why behind your breakouts 


  • Heal your acne naturally and safely, without cycles of medication that  have awful side effects


  • Never deal with PMS, irregular or painful periods, digestive issues, low energy, or broken sleep again


  • Let go of restrictive diets, be able to eat anything in moderation and live a balanced life


  • Learn how to manage stress and completely change your mindset surrounding your skin


  • Implement strategies to build your confidence, self worth and self esteem


  • Feel empowered and learn to live in harmony with your body, for the rest of your life. 

Looking for something a little more personal?

Be sure to take a look at the Custom Consult program which includes custom skincare plan and 1:1 sessions and follow-ups with Meg

  • Will this work for everyone?
    Over my 5 years as an acne expert and guiding over 2000 people through healing transformations, there have been some people the method hasn’t worked for. The method is NOT for you if: -You are not willing to commit to the daily mindset practice and stress management piece. -If you do not have an open heart and willing attitude, a belief in me, the process and YOUR ability to heal, the method is not a good fit for your journey -You are not able to be patient with the process. Natural healing of this type takes TIME. It ebbs and flows and is never linear. You have to forget about time lines and comparison to others and accept this is YOUR journey and will teach you everything you need to know to reach total and complete healing both physically and mentally. However, that can mean for more complex cases, further support, further testing and longer time frames to reach your goals. If you are expecting an overnight miracle fix and are not fully committed to the process as it unfolds for your needs, this program isn’t right for you. This program gives you ALL the tools for success but, you have to utilize them all, as directed. If you are not 100% committed to the program, youre not allowing me to do my job as an acne expert and wont get the results you want.
  • What is a timeline I can expect for results?
    I hate putting timelines on healing. It creates a ton of pressure and stress which counteracts the entire process. We treat everyone as an individual in the get glow method which is why we see the success rates we do. Just like what worked for your best friend or some influencer to heal their skin doesn’t for you, the same goes for timelines. How fast you heal depends on a number of things: genetics; how quickly your specific system and skin respond to nutritional, supplemental, and skincare changes; how many root causes you have to heal; differing lifestyle factors like how your sleep is. How your stress is? How your diet is? How your mindset is? Very generally speaking most skincare and supplements take around 3-4 months to start kicking in. So we want to see some positive shifts by that time. I have seen clients clear dramatically in 2 weeks and some take more like 5-6 months. If you are only dealing with say, gut issues and pore-clogging skincare you may see results quicker than someone who has to safely transition off birth control, balance their natural hormones, manage cortisol and blood sugar, AND work on food fear for example.
  • How do I determine if this program is right for me?
    You are ready to commit to total and complete healing. This isn’t just getting clear skin, this program is about digging deep into every symptom you are feeling both physically and mentally and giving you the tools to truly heal. Not slapping some bandaid solution that works temporarily. Not neglecting how crucial mindset, rewiring the brain from negative to positive thought patterns, self-love, confidence, food freedom AND acne freedom is. This program is for the person who is sick of the google rabbit hole of misinformation. Who is tired of being on and off the cycles of prescription medications and creams from the derm. Has spent outrageous money on lasers and peels and facials and products and supplements that NEVER work. Who is really, truly ready to take control of their health, their mental health and their acne. Who is ready to do the work to achieve real, sustainable balance physically and mentally. Who's done programs before that have caused anxiety, stress, and food fear because they were do damn restrictive. Who wants not only clear skin but happy, balanced hormones, amazing and healthy digestion, low levels of stress, deep sleep, a balanced approach to food, a positive mindset AND glowing, clear skin, forever. This is not a quick fix. This is not a cookie cutter approach. This is not a magic pill or cream. So, if you are looking for that, this is not the program for you. If you are ready to take control of your life and acne, you have found exactly where you need to be to do that. And we cant wait to have you join the 2000 + clients who have done exactly that.
  • What is the timeline for healing?
    I hate putting timelines on healing because everyone is different and will experience different root causes and triggers they need to work through. That being said, in the Get Glow Method, most people start to see positive shifts around the 3-4 month mark as that is how long tailored supplements, skincare and stress management take to work their magic. The key here is that you are, for the first time in your acne journey finally healing the root cause or the WHY behind your breakouts and symptoms and your body takes time to come back into TRUE balance. This is NOT an overnight fix which is precisely why it's not a bandaid solution like Accutane, Spiro, Hormonal birth control, etc. Bandaid approaches SUPPRESS symptoms, the Get Glow Method FIXES them.
  • I've worked with a Dr and haven't gotten results, why should I trust this program?
    The issue with dermatologists is they really don’t have much to offer for acne. If you have been to one, you know the drill. Its antibiotics, hormonal birth control, Accutane, spiro, and prescription topicals. These are what we call “band-aid” solutions. They aren’t acutally FIXING anything. They are *sometimes* temporary solutions that work while you are on them. They also have damaging side effects to the liver, gut and hormone systems, all of which are crucial for keeping skin clear and healthy. So, when you get off these meds and they leave your system, your original root causes or imbalances aren’t healed so show up again and produce more acne, often times worse. The derms' solution is to go back on the med at a bigger dose, thus continuing the perpetual cycle of coming on and off these meds and continuing to damage your body with negative side effects all the while. This is exactly why most people don’t see results going this route. In the get glow method, we figure out your root cause(s) of WHY you are breaking out in the first place and heal them naturally with supplements. This, alongside customized skincare and stress management and mindset work means truly healing and long-term solutions without the use of harsh bandaid meds.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, absolutely. Just reach out and we will figure out the right one for you!
  • Do you work with clients worldwide?
    Of course! Everything is via Zoom and will be customized to your country in terms of product and supplement recommendations.
  • What makes the Get Glow Method different?
    First, I have been in your shoes. I don't think you should go to anyone for acne healing who hasn't had acne themselves. Connection, understanding, empathy, and validation are crucial pieces of TRUST and belief that if I go myself there, I can get you there too. Second, I am not only an acne expert but also a holistic nutritionist and medical aesthetician. Which means you get 3 in 1. ALL bases are covered internally and externally. I have a huge focus on mindset, trauma, and emotional support work. If you don't rewire the negative thought patterns and belief systems, you're stuck in chronic fight or flight, constant inflammation, and unable to heal. You can't eat or supplement your way out of a fragile nervous system and believe you will never get clear. I have the results to back up my method. It works because you can SEE it via the hundreds of before and afters and testimonials of clients just like you!
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