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The Acne Method provides all the tools you need to get to the root of your acne and get clear for good.

Are you ready to stop letting acne control your every thought and action?


Are you ready to never google “how to heal acne” again?


Are you ready to ditch restrictive diets and food fear?


Are you ready to feel confident and gain acne freedom both physically AND mentally?


Are you ready to finally have all the tools and knowledge you need to get to the root of your acne and get clear for good?

Create a Custom Protocol

Video modules and comprehensive protocols will guide you to discover your unique root causes and acne triggers. Then, create a routine that is perfect for you!

Ask Questions to an Acne Expert

This method has worked to clear skin for thousands of people. Rely on me to guide you and answer all your questions during the group coaching calls and in the private facebook group

Balance your Hormones Safely

Learn how to safely transition your body off of hormonal birth control to avoid unnecessary breakouts and take control of your cycle

Gain Confidence and Start Healing

The Acne Method heals so much more than skin. This is holistic healing that takes everything into account. From confidence, to digestion, sleep, mindset, and so much more. You will be amazed at the transformation

What's Included

What's Included

  • Comprehensive video explanations of all the root causes of acne

  • ​6 months of Group coaching calls where I answer all your questions

  • ​Supplement protocols to address any and all symptoms you are feeling

  • ​Specific skincare routines for all different skin types

  • ​Product recommendations available all over the world

  • ​A private facebook group to connect with other and ask questions

  • Stress management techniques and videos to calm the mind

  • ​Lifetime access to all the content provided

  • ​A holistic healing plan that will guarantee long term results




"After going off hormonal birth control, I really can't believe where my skin is at today. I had struggled with acne since high school and had gone on hormonal birth control for it at age 15. I had gone through it all, OBGYN visits to try different birth controls, dermatologists putting me on harsh topicals and prescription medications, and a naturopath putting me on way too many supplements and a diet that just didn't change anything. I knew in my gut that this was a hormonal issue and no doctor ever helped me get to the bottom of it, until Meg. I found Meg and decided to invest in myself. I had already wasted so much money over the past 10+ years of my life dealing with this, I knew this was going to be my answer. And all of the progress pictures speak for themselves, The Get Glow Method is the real deal! I wish I had done it sooner! I went back and looked at some of my early progress photos and was blown away. Even in the middle of my journey, you could tell where my skin really began to change. It became brighter, less textured, less redness, and of course less breakouts. I never thought my skin would ever look like this.  If you're on the fence and have been struggling with acne, 100% do it. You won't regret your decision to invest in yourself and work with Meg and the Get Glow Method!- Mackenzie”

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